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Genetic Screening.

Extra Facts.

Some extra little known facts about genetics, and genetic screening.

->7% of lethal fetal abnormalities can be detected
  by good scanning
->7% of still births and neonatal deaths have
  chromosomal abnormalities
->genetic factors are involved in one fifth on
  infant deaths, one fourth of the institutionalized
  mental retardates, and almost a half of the people
  with IQs less than 50
->some diseases will be highly predictive with a
  test but some wont be
->women over 35 years of age have a higher risk of 
  chromosomal problems and miscarriages
->human risks are involved, like discrimination,
  labeling, loss of self-esteem, and invasion of
->diseases caused by a single gene are rare
->genetic screening requires careful planning, the
  decision is bases on what disease will be the
  focus, who is in the studies and also what will be
  the impact on the baby and the family

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