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Genetic Screening.

The Types Of Genetic Screening

The two main ways genetic screening is conducted.

The two main types of genetic screening are nrwborn screening and prenatal screening. Newborn genetic screening is conducted between right when the baby is born and when it is 48 hours old. When screening a newborn doctor's prick at a baby's heel and get a small sample of blood. This blood sample gets sent to a lab for tests. This wya they can see if the baby has a birth defect before any of the symptoms develop. Prenatal screening is done when the fetus is still in it's developing stages in the uterus. This type of screening has two different techniques.
Prenatal screening is much more effective of the two. This is because fetal life is the most rapid time of development of the fetus. By the time the baby is more it is usually too late to prevent most birth defects.